04 April 2010

Chapter Two

Janaka responds:

I really am the taintless, serene, pure Consciousness, quite apart from the phenomenal universe.  How long have I been unnecessarily bewildered by illusion!  (21)

As I Myself illumine this body, so also do I reveal this whole universe.  Therefore, the entire universe is Mine alone, or else nothing is mine.  (22)

On renouncing the body along with the rest of the manifestation, there has been, as if by magic, a perception of the supreme Self.  (23)

Just as waves, foam and bubbles, are not different from the water, so also the phenomenal universe appearing in Consciousness, is not different from it.  (24)

Just as cloth, after an analysis, is found to be nothing other than thread, similarly, the phenomenal manifestation of the universe is found, on intelligent perception, to be nothing other than Consciousness.  (25)

Just as sugar made from sugar cane juice is wholly pervaded by the sugar-cane juice, so also the phenomenal universe, which is produced within Me, is wholly pervaded by Me.  (26)

It is through ignorance of the Atman that the phenomenal universe appears to be real, and this illusion disappears with the realization of one’s true nature, just as the illusion of the snake appears through the ignorance of the object being a rope, and disappears after the recognition of the rope as a rope.  (27)

Light is my very nature.  Indeed, I am Light, and none other.  It is, indeed, ‘I’ that shine when the universe manifests itself.  (28)

The arising of the phenomenal universe which appears in Me gives the impression of being real because of ignorance, just as the mother-of-pearl gives the impression of silver, the rope that of the snake, and the rays of the sun that of water in a mirage.  (29)

Just as a pot dissolves into clay, a wave into water, or a bracelet into gold, so also the phenomenal universe which has arisen in Me will also dissolve into Me.  (30)

O, the wonder that I am!  I salute Myself who knows no decay, and survives even the destruction of the entire universe from the creator Brahma to a blade of grass.  (31)

O, the wonder that I am!  I salute Myself who through a body, am one who neither goes anywhere, nor comes from anywhere, but ever abides pervading the universe.  (32)

O, the wonder that I am!  I salute Myself, none more capable, who is bearing the burden of the entire universe without even touching it with my body.  (33)

O, the wonder that I am!  I salute Myself who has nothing, or everything, that is accessible to thought and word.  (34)

Knowledge, the knower and that which is to be known, as the triad, do not really exist in reality.  I am that stainless Consciousness in which this triad appears through ignorance.  (35)

O, the root of misery is, indeed, in dualism.  There is no remedy for it other than the realization that all objects of experience are unreal, and that I am the one pure Consciousness.  (36)

I am the pure Consciousness, but I have, through ignorance, imposed limitations upon myself.  With this constant conviction, I abide in the Consciousness without any conceptualizing.  (37)

The illusion of bondage and liberation, having lost its basic support (of ignorance), remains no longer.  O, the universe has emanated from me, but it is not within me.  (38)

I am now convinced that the whole universe, including this body, is without substance, and that what I am is pure Consciousness.  So what basis can conceptualization now have?  (39)

Body, heaven and hell, bondage and freedom, as also fear, all these are mere concepts.  What have I to do with all these, I who am pure Consciousness?  (40)

O, there is absolutely no dualism for me.  Even in the midst of people I feel as if I am alone.  To what should I attach myself?  (41)

I am not this body, nor do I have any body, because I am not a separate individual, but pure Consciousness.  My only bondage was that I had a zest for life.  (42)

O, in Me, the limitless ocean, the movement in the mind has produced the many worlds like the wind produces diverse waves on the ocean.  (43)

In Me, the limitless ocean, when the wind subsides and the mind becomes quiet, unfortunately for the trader in the form of the individual person, the ship of the conceptualized universe sinks.  (44)

How remarkable!  In Me, the limitless ocean, the waves of individual selves arise according to their inherent nature, meet and play with one another for a while, and then disappear.  (45)