04 April 2010

Chapter Six

Ashtavakra said:

The person with a keen intellect becomes enlightened even when the instruction is imparted casually, whereas without it, the immature seeker continues to remain confused even after a lifetime of seeking.  (126)

Absence of attachment to sense-objects is liberation; passion for sense-objects is bondage.  Understand is this fact, and then do as you please.  (127)

Apperception of this Truth seems to render an eloquent, wise and active person mute, dull and inactive.  Knowledge of Truth does not therefore appear attractive to those who still want to enjoy the pleasures of this world.  (128)

You are not the body, nor does the body belong to you.  You are neither the doer nor the experiencer.  You are Consciousness itself, the eternal, impersonal witness.  Live happily.  (129)

Passion and aversion are attributes of the mind, and you are not the mind.  You are Consciousness itself, free of all conflict, changeless.  Live happily.  (130)

Realizing the Self in all, and all in the Self, free from the sense of ‘me’ and ‘mine’, be happy.  (131)

O, you, pure Consciousness, you are, indeed, That in which the phenomenal universe arises like waves on the ocean.  Be free from the affliction of the mind.  (132)

Have faith, my son, have faith.  Let there be no confusion or delusion about this.  You are Knowledge itself, you are the Lord, you are Consciousness, prior to all manifestation.  (133)

The body is composed of the five elements; it comes into existence, stays for a while, and then departs.  The Self neither comes nor goes.  Where is the sense in mourning the loss of the body?  (134)

Whether the body lasts till the end of an eon, or it goes this moment, what difference could it make to you who are pure Consciousness?  (135)

In you, who are the infinite ocean, let the awareness of phenomena appear and disappear according to their nature.  It can mean no gain or loss to you.  (136)

O, my son!  You are the very Consciousness within which arises this phenomenal universe that is not separate from what you are.  How can there be a question of anything being acceptable or unacceptable?  (137)

For you who are the one immutable, serene, taintless, pure Consciousness, how can there be any question of birth or action, or even the concept of the ego?  (138)